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Baidyanath Life Sciences - Spa & Beauty
Here at Baidyanath Life Sciences, our aim is not only to give you a break from your daily frantic schedule, but also propel you towards a healthy life thereon.

Our experts work with you to suggest which packages suit you, after discussing your lifestyle pattern, eating habits and problems if any. The doctors may advice you some additional food supplements or dietary changes for a better wellbeing. We have a host of services for one’s wellness and rejuvenation, after which you will feel full of energy!
Detoxification (8 / 15 / 21 days)
Detoxification helps in eliminating the toxins in the body accumulated over time. It also expels excess doshas from the body. Therapies are individualized based upon constitutional types, dosha imbalances, age, digestive strength, immune status, season, and a host of other factors. According to Ayurveda, it is recommended to go through this periodically to enjoy a healthy long life.
Lymphatic Massage Herbal Steam Basti
Nasyam Shirodhara Vamanam
Head Massage Virechanam    
Sittings as per physician’s advice.
Rejuvenation (11 days or customized)
Rejuvenate the body and discover the new you. A special Detoxification programme along with some body toning sessions which helps you relax both mentally and physically.
Ayurvedic Consultation Diet & Lifestyle Plan
Detoxification Package Body Toning sittings
Sittings as per physician’s advice.
Spine & Neck Care
A completely therapeutic treatment for the delicate spine and neck. Long working hours, sedentary lifestyle and stress, all often lead to spine and neck pains at an early age. Why live with it? Let us treat it and help you deal pain with a smile. Meet our expert Ayurvedic doctors for a customized package, keeping your long working hours in mind.
Weight and Watch
Tired of being flabby and obese? The weight bothers you? Join our completely scientific and therapeutic WEIGHT LOSS programme and let us help you.
Ayurvedic Consultation Dry or Oil – Weight Losing Massages
Diet & Lifestyle Plan Herbal Steam with special herbs
Basti sittings 2 months Yoga complimentary
Other Panchakarma related therapies might be added as per your body requirements
Sittings as per physician’s advice.
Healthy Hair
A special hair care packages for damaged, dry, fizzy, oily and colored hair. Aids in hair fall too.
Scalp Massage with special medicated oils
Herbal Steam for the hair
Hair Pack according to your hair type and problem
Pauroosh & Kaamini
For lost Vigor, Vitality & Virility for men and women. Don’t be afraid of sharing your bedroom fears with us. Our expert and professional doctors will diagnose the problem and the powerful Ayurveda will help you in a lot more ways.