Nadi gets influenced by various affects that influence the physiology of the body , especially the three doshas. i.e. Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The dhamani or the nadi mentioned here simply refers to radial artery. Its gati-motion does not merely indicate the rate or the rhythm of the pulse, the size and condition of the arterial wall or the volume of blood that flows through the artery or the force with which the blood flows. The gati or the motion of this nadi also indicates the imbalance of the three doshas ie. vata,pitta and kapha.

We should first understand the concept of strotsa siras, dhamani and nadi. We generally relate all these as the channels of the body which are assigned a job of carrying substances within the body. It is well admired fact that Maharishi Sushurut manages to trace even minute-minute channels present in the body even when they were very difficult to be traced with naked eyes. He was able to recognize the ever pore in it. It was calculated that there were about 700 siras, two hundred dhamanees, which could be easily enumerated but when the minute siras and dhamanees were counted with there tributaries and branches, their number was estimated to be the same as the number of hair follicles which was distributed throughout the body.

The extent of derangement can also be known by this methodology. The pulse is recognized to be jiva sakshi. The prognosis of a physician at very critical moments when death is threatening, depends upon his accurate study of pulse and all the capacity of the physician should then be at his command. The knowledge of pulse investigation embraces in itself a vast science. It is partly based on the physical examination of the artery on the concentration of the mind that the physician can bring to bear at the moment of examination. It is not the counting of the pulse rate, The whole concept of examining the pulse is still far away from the reach of modern system. To be expert in nadi pariksha one should have good yogic power like concentration of mind and bringing our mind nearer to the should to achieve an ideal condition etc.

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