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Treat your skin problems and get a glowing healthy skin.$

  • Anti Tan Treatment
  • Acne & Blemish Treatment
  • De-Pigmentation
  • Anti Wrinkle Treatment
  • Under Eye Treatment
  • Zero Dandruff Treatment
  • Healthy Hair

Indulge yourself or a friend with our exclusive Spa services, designed to provide head-to-toe care. For a luxurious treat, we recommend a range of therapies combined to offer you the perfect day of soothing tranquility. Most of our products used are chemical free and completely natural! Consult our expert doctors for Acne, Pigmentation, Blemishes, Tanning and other skin and hair related problems!

Our Natural Spa Center hosts a range of Massages, Facials and Body Treatments well suited for everyone.

Nourish your skin and keep it supplies with our specially designed body treatments, they not only feel and smell good but at times tastes better! Completely natural and safe… Get that irresistible skin.

Our facials are customized to meet the requirements of your skin. Our doctors thoroughly study your skin and suggest the facials best suited for you. No added chemicals are used. Fresh fruit pulps, fresh leaves’ pastes, herbs, milk, vegetables, all are used to bring back that beauty and glow!

Anti – wrinkle treatment
  • Our Doctors will analyze your skin type and create special graceful aging treatments for ageing skin problems like wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, pigmentation & dull skin
$60 Mins
Pampering fruit delight
  • A completely natural facial with the goodness of fresh fruits and juices. Customized according to your skin type and season
$60 Mins
Neem Triphala
  • A great antiseptic mix which keeps your oil glands in control in all seasons. Recommended for oily and acne prone skin
$60 Mins
Oriental spices
  • Enjoy this spicy facial made with the best quality herbs and spices. Works great for pigmented and wrinkled skin.
$60 Mins
Aloe Mint
  • Beat the heat with the goodness of Aloe Vera. Mint gives it a cool, tingling effect to rejuvenate the tired skin. Suggested for Dry, Normal and sun-tanned skin
$60 Mins
Luxurious Chocolate Facial
  • The most Sinful, Luxurious and Pampering Facial. Special chocolate creams make you forget everything & leave you want more. Put it.Lick it
$60 Mins
Body Polishing
  • Take care of your skin with our sweet smelling unique body smoothie! A sensuous scrub & a body pack rich in essential oils and phytonutrients. A holistic spa session that will nourish, soften, repair the skin making it - Almost irresistible to touch
$90 Mins
Kanchan kaya
  • Complete Body Cleansing & Exfoliation with completely natural in-house scrubs. A soothing massage with special Herbal Oil/ Cream/ Aroma Oils, whatever you prefer. A relaxing Herbal or Aromatic Steam session, followed by a Body Pack of your choice
$100 Mins
Nourishing Fruit body spa
  • Rich cream infused with fresh fruits is an excellent massaging agent, which de-stresses your skin making it smooth and yummy Fruit masque provides nourishment to the skin. It promotes firming, smoothness and suppleness of the skin.
$100 Mins
Coffee scrub massage
  • Coffee grounds exfoliate dead skin cells, preparing your skin to drink in a soothing, moisturizing blend of toning oil & herbal extracts. Caffeine increases circulation, helps reduce appearance of cellulite.
$90 Mins
Herbal Body Spa
  • Take care of your body and mane with our completely Herbal solution. A relaxing head massage with a hair pack which suits your scalp. Followed by a Full Body Massage with one of our special Ayurvedic oils. And that’s not all - we’ve also got a fresh, in-house herbal body masque, made especially for your skin type!
$90 Mins
Jasmine & Sandalwood Tranquility
  • Blossom your inner beauty! The seductive aroma of jasmine with a luxurious exfoliating massage will leave your skin feel blissfull. Naturally scent sandalwood body masque will keep you cool. We’ve added mini timeless facial too
$90 Mins
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